Monday, October 27, 2008

Pics from our trip

Kirsti playing at MC--the reason we went to UT!
Kash sitting on Grandpa Jack's John Deere.
My mom wanted a picture of Ruby for her "wall"--what a cute girl! Morning light is stinky though!
Kash & Josh racing thier cars.
Where one wild thing is!! So fits Kash! The Pumpkin Walk in North Logan is always fun--I was glad we got to go while we were there.
All the cousins who went on the Pumpkin Walk.
Had to get a picture of Kash by this one, it was done by my blogging friend, Emily, and her family. Nice job, Emily!!! I love the elephant's backside! One of my faves!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back to reality

So we got back from our trip last night. It was great to be back with my little family and I have to say, Brian was amazing! He had ALL the laundry done, the house picked up and the garage straightened so we can actually park in there now--very nice with colder weather coming. I was much impressed and told him I thought all his domesticity was very hot!

Kash, Ruby, & I had a great week in Utah. I loved spending time with my family and getting to see Kirst play volleyball. They lost to Sky View, but played great and then beat Roy on Friday. Kirsti does a great job and is so fun to watch, I only wish I could watch her more often. I think I am going to get Sally a volleyball for Christmas! :) Maybe I was the undiscovered talent in the family and I can pass on that genetic legacy--ha ha! I can barely walk down the hall without tripping or running into something. Maybe between Brian and some family talent that just skipped me, she can be great. She is left handed and tall, all the possibilities...

I will post some pictures and a little more info maybe tomorrow. Right now my baby girl is hungry and she is way more deserving of my time than any post.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Gone for a few days

I am leaving this morning for Utah. I am taking Kash & Ruby with me and we are all excited about our little trip. I haven't been able to see my niece play volleyball, who unbelievably is a senior this year. I always loved watching my sisters play and told myself I would sometime get to see Kirsti play. So FINALLY I am going to watch her! It should be a fun trip--short--but always good to see my family. The other kids are a little disappointed they don't get to go--Sally shed a few tears last night. But this morning they were all great and I really think they will have a good time with Brian. I am sure there will be more school lunches and pizza in their diets this week which will make them happy! Kash is very excited--he has a little back pack ready for the plane and I am just glad the 2 flights we will take are both short. I better get ready to go...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Do I blog too much?

My Kash LOVES trucks, tractors, cars, basically anything with wheels. He is totally in love with John Deere and Bob the Builder and he gets so excited when we finds books at the library that include any of the above. We were at the library yesterday and he found a board book with all kinds of trucks and tractors--he was THRILLED! Since yesterday we have read this book about 3 or 4 times, so today when we were reading it I would ask him what truck it was to see if he could remember all the names (front loader, excavator, paver, etc). I LOVE the way he pronounces things and how excited he gets about all of them. Well, we got to the pages with all the semi trucks and there was a picture of one called a "logger truck". I asked Kash what it was, and you guessed it, it was a blogger truck. How I love this little boy!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ruby is 5 months

I thought it would be fun for those who stop here at my blog to see our little Ruby in action. She loves her little bouncer and she is "talking" more all the time. She is still wonderful!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Okay, so I have been tagged! That is what I get for blog stocking! I really don't know who to tag back, all the blogs I look at seem to have already been it. As for myself and writing 6 quirky things about me, that is hardly enough! Honestly, I should have Brian write this for me--many of the things he finds quirky I think are perfectly normal! Anyway, I will give it a shot!

1. I am a bit obsessive in my behavior. I have to do the same things in the same order when I go to bed, when I shower, the food I eat (I will often eat the same thing for days on end), etc. I must have order!

2. I love to buy books. All kinds of books. I don't really like getting books as gifts, because books are a personal thing, at least to me. But I am the first to give a book as a gift. Go figure.

3. I am a picture fixer--they must be straight--refer to #1.

4. Don't tell me I can't do something. Or don't tell me how to do something. You may offer suggestions, but that is all. I tend to do the exact opposite, even if I know it isn't good for me. I am getting better, but not much.

5. I LOVE to cook and bake. I love new recipes and then I love to alter them. I love to make things up as I go along--a little of this, a little of that. I have only had a couple of things go completely south on me. And they went WAY south!

6. I don't like being wrong. And I will argue way past knowing it is a lost cause simply because I hate being wrong. More than that, I love to be right. I will apologize eventually.

Some of my quirkiness makes me sound like a crazy lady--I guess some days I am!!!

Great idea?

So I thought a bike ride would be nice yesterday. I figure Ruby is getting just big enough to sit in the bike trailer. So I go out and get the trailer set up, but the wheels are flat. No big deal, I get the pump out. It is not working. I think I know what the problem is. So I took the pump apart, and I was right, the screw inside had come undone, I got it fixed. But then I couldn't get one of the tires to pump up. After 10 minutes, I figure out the problem and get both tires pumped. Remember, this is after spending at least 20 minutes fixing the pump. So I get my bike down, the tires are flat. Good thing I fixed the pump. Ruby gets hungry during all this. Between me, Kash and a blanket to prop up the bottle, she gets fed. I get the trailer hooked up. And I get on to take off, feeling much empowered by all I was able to fix by myself. My chain comes off. I am thinking maybe I just wasn't meant to go for a bike ride. But not me, I am determined! After just 5 minutes, I figure out how to fix the chain and we are off. The whole time I am thinking about how Mr. Johansen, our neighbor across the street, says he is always watching the neighborhood. I head to Coulter Street thinking maybe I will see how I do on Tascosa Road, thinking that riding my bike to the library would be a good option. I get up to the church and realize my legs are in no shape to go up a much larger and longer hill, so I turn in to the church parking lot and head down Brookside to get back up to Smoketree Street. I BARELY make it up Smoketree and because I had only been gone maybe 10 minutes I ride up and down our street one more time. So my bike ride lasted about 15 minutes and it took me almost an hour just to get going. I am sweating and wondering how many times I will have to ride my little loop before it doesn't feel like I am going to lose a lung. At least I exercised for the day! :) Thought you could use a laugh, I am sure Mr. Johansen is laughing!