Monday, September 29, 2008

Emergency Room

I am sure you thought Ben had something go wrong--nope--it was Kash this time. Last night about 10 he woke up crying and could not be consoled. He said his ear was hurting, we were sure he had an ear infection. But of course no antibiotic without a doctor. So I tried taking him to urgent care, but all the urgent care locations closed at 8!! He fell asleep in the car, so I thought maybe the motrin had kicked in and he would at least be able to sleep. We got home and within 15 minutes, he was awake and crying even more. We decided we had to take him to the ER, he was just so miserable. I was so grateful Brian was home! Brian took him and they waited for 3 hours before a doctor could even see him--Kash was awake the whole time! Anyway, he has an ear infection, and a blister on his ear drum. The doctor told Brian they are extremely painful and are caused by a bacteria. So he is on an antibiotic as well as drops for his ear to help with the pain. He just woke up about 30 minutes ago, and he is doing better. The doctor told Brian that either the blister will break or it could burst his eardrum, we should know by the amount of drainage. Poor little guy! I just feel so bad for him. He didn't complain once yesterday about his ear hurting.

Update on Ben, he is doing fine. He said his leg felt tight this morning which I am thinking must be the skin trying to heal. It will be a while though. Some of you have asked why I didn't post a picture--I just thought that would be gross! But maybe I will in a few days when it doesn't look so bad, but you can get an idea of how big a scar he will have.

We had a weekend full of doctors and pharmacies, but I am not complaining. All of these things are so minor--just letting you all know what exciting things were going on at our house!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Urgent Care

So who in our family do you think of when you see that title? You guessed it...Ben. He was outside today looking for something to do and I told him to go for a bike ride. Within 10 minutes of sending him off, he was back in the house wailing with blood running down both his legs. I was just getting Ruby to sleep and looking forward to kicking back and reading this afternoon since I had already cleaned the house. That plan went out the window when I saw his right leg. His left knee was scraped pretty badly, but his right leg was really bad. It was deep and making me a bit queasy. I thought for sure he was going to need stitches--one thing Ben hasn't experienced yet. So we took him to urgent care and when the doctor took a look at it, she said that if there was any skin to stitch that would have worked great, but Ben basically took a chunk of his leg off. So they wrapped it up with gauze and some stretchy stuff and told me to watch for infections, because of how severe the wound was, that was good possibility. The doctor also gave Ben an antibiotic just to be on the safe side. Ben was so funny about the whole thing. He is a bit dramatic and was telling me he was never going outside again and would NEVER ride a bike ever again. Then he went into panic mode when I mentioned stitches. Once the doctor said stitches weren't an option, he became ecstatic and started making plans to show all his friends his bandage and wound. We were also told he was going to have a bad scar--Ben of course thinks this is cool. I am mostly glad Ben is okay--this was minor compared to his other urgent care visits--we love our Ben!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Blast from the past

When I was in high school, I loved going through my mom and dad's closet to see if there was anything cool to borrow--the whole retro thing. Anyway, I found a belt of my mom's that I loved. She told me I could have it, but my mom was so skinny in high school (and still does look great, by the way) that the belt never fit me. I always kept it, just because. Well, Sally discovered it the other day while we were unpacking. She wanted to know if she could have it. I told her she could borrow it. So this morning we thought the outfit she had on would look great with a belt, so we tried it. Great belt, mom! Still looks great a few years later!

Utah Legends

Jake has been WAY into basketball lately. Partly because of NBA Street 2. He plays the game on the PS2 and then goes outside and tries out his new moves. He was outside yesterday afternoon for at least 3 hours playing. He and Ben created a team on the PS2 game called Utah Legends, so Jake thought they needed jerseys. They cut sleeves off some white t-shirts and decorated them on Friday. Jake was VERY impressed and thought we needed documentation. I will have to get a picture of him doing some dunks--we have gotten more use out of our Little Tikes hoop in the last month than we have in the last 8 years since we bought it! We need to get a real hoop, but it can wait a bit longer.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sally's tooth

I was teasing Sally last night about how "unbrave" she was when we got shots the other day. (Another story) Anyway, I apparently teased her too much and she ran off to her room embarrassed. When Sally is upset, she talks to herself and cries, so we were all listening and just enjoying our Sally. Well, Brian went to check on her and told her if she really wanted to show everyone she was brave, she should pull her tooth out because none of us thought she would do it. Brian got that competitive spirit in my little girl going and she pulled her first tooth out! It was TOTALLY ready to come out, but still, she did it! I was very surprised and she was very excited as you can see from the pictures. The tooth fairy made it here last night, thank goodness she remembered! Actually I think Sally has a boy fairy who remembered! :) But either way, she was thrilled!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Four Months

Ruby is 4 months old today. I can hardly believe the time has gone so quickly. She is still a little gem and we are all so in love with her. It amazes me that after 5 babies, I am still thrilled when our little girl smiles at us or learns to use her sweet little hands. She is really such a good baby--she has handled all the the changes and lack of schedule far better than I. She is starting to laugh a little more and really is grabbing things, including our hair. Kash calls her Binga still and all the kids have started calling her "Dubie". I don't think Brian is in love with this nickname, but it started with us calling her "Ruby Dubie". She is quick to smile at all of us and has all the attention a little person can handle. She is wonderful! I thought I would share a few "faces" of our Ruby. She is really a good sleeper, she slept through my bright flashes while I was taking these pictures! She loves her fingers! And she loves to "talk" to us. I still think she looks an awful lot like her dad, but in a very cute girly way. Brian teases me about the big bows and flowers I put on her head, but I love them! Like I said, she is wonderful!

Cute little girl

Sally was worried about Ruby's feet getting cold on the tile the other day, so she let Ruby borrow her slippers. Sally thought it was so cute that we should take a picture of her! She is very cute, isn't she?