Sunday, April 27, 2008

April is just about done

I can't believe another month has gone by! I have been busy keeping the house clean because we have luckily been showing the house--just no buyer yet--I am giving it 5 more days. I really don't want to have to worry about showing the house with a brand new baby to take care of as well. Luckily, Brian will be home for over a week--that will help so much! We are all very excited about the baby coming, except for maybe Kash--I think he is a bit nervous about what is going on. I don't know if it was a good or bad idea to be trying to potty train him the last few weeks--I am sure we will find out soon enough!

So the plan right now is to call the hospital at 6 am Friday morning and make sure they have a room for me. If so, I will head to the hospital immediately and start the whole process. I have been having some very minor contractions here and there, and I keep wondering why I said I didn't want an epidural--I guess I can always change my mind. Brian will be home Thursday night, so as long as everything goes as planned, we are all set! Knock on wood!!!!

We had an open house today. What a pain in the neck! I guess 3 people came to look--better than none--I was a little worried about that. As much as I love Cuba and our house, I have to be realistic that there are just not many people moving here.

Yesterday was a crazy day, just trying to get things ready for today. I told the kids if they were inside they had to help clean, but if they went outside they could just play. I was going out to check on things and Ben, who I didn't realize had come in, raced past me outside. Jake asked me if I had seen Ben. I told Jake I had seen him just come out. Jake said no, before that. I told him no and then Jake proceeded to tell me that Ben had been on the roof. He had climbed out the upstairs bathroom window and had been sitting on the roof. I am seriously at a loss for words sometimes with stuff like that. All I could say was "Ben, you could have fallen! That was stupid! Don't ever do that again!" Such effective parenting! He says to me, "I didn't think you would want me to do that." Hmmm, really?! Honestly, what do I do?! The day got worse actually. We went to Subway for lunch and we walked out before anyone could order--the kids were demonstrating how NOT to behave in a restaurant. I was completely embarrassed--I am sure everyone there was wondering, "Why does that lady think she can handle one more?" Things did improve moderately that afternoon. But it was definitely one of those days I was thrilled when it was bedtime. I started actually cleaning around 9 and got done around 11 last night. I have decided I prefer cleaning late at night--it actually stays clean for 8 hours--something that doesn't happen if I clean during the day.

The weather here has been so beautiful the last few weeks. We have hit the 80's a few times, but been in the 70's consistently. Everything is so green and the trees are all getting leaves again. I just love this time of year! We have spent lots of time outside and we have all been loving it! Kash wants to go out first thing every day and would be content to just stay out all day. He has a pretend mower that he pushes around and he loves to hit wiffle balls off the baseball tee or drive the little car around. He loves to dig in the dirt and throw rocks! Jake and Ben have spent a fare amount of time down at the creek and playing football in the backyard. I am worried they are going to put each other in the hospital, but Brian assures me they are normal. Sally likes to go to the creek too, but she also loves to pick flowers, leaves, weeds, whatever looks pickable and she makes flower arrangements and salads. She is still loving her new bike as well. It has just been WONDERFUL to be outside so much. The sunshine does wonders for me--I think for everyone.

Brian went to Amarillo again. I told him I was hoping he could tell me there was a drastic difference between February and April in the way things looked. He said things do look greener there, but I don't think it turned into a beautiful place over the last few months. Either way, we are headed there, so I better start finding things to like about Amarillo! Brian is doing very well at work. Once again, he is amazing everyone with how quickly he can get things turned around. He really is so good at what he is doing. This should be a great opportunity for him in so many ways. I just can't wait until we are living in the same house again!

I will try and get Brian to figure out how to post some pictures of the baby soon after she arrives. I am just getting so excited to meet her--not one is alike--each completely amazing!

Friday, April 25, 2008

A little dirt and water won't hurt

I know that sometimes I get too concerned about messes being made and clothes getting super dirty. I find that when I see dirty kids and dirty clothes, I think more messes for me to clean instead of how much fun my kids must be having. I have to remind myself that clothes and kids both wash, but there is nothing that will erase a memory of a great mud bath for a child. Yesterday I had been outside with the kids but needed to come in and try to figure out dinner. I heard the water come on a few times outside and thought I should go investigate. I found Sally & Kash getting toy wheelbarrow fulls of water and taking them to the hole they had dug in the dirt. Kash had taken off all his clothes and gave me that wonderful Kash smile and said, "We made a bath, Mom!" I just about got upset, and then I gave myself one of those reminders and was able to enjoy the moment with them. They had the best time! I was glad I hadn't cleaned the bathroom yet though after they bathed--that was some yucky water! I probably should have bathed them twice! I am glad I didn't ruin that moment for them--kids are supposed to get dirty--right?!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Forty years--looking back...

His gingerbread guy says so much about him! :)Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU!!!

On our wedding day, 12 years ago this summer! What a handsome guy!

A teenage Brian--wish I could show a picture of his legs--they were still SO long in comparison to the rest of him!

A little more grown up, his grandma says she can't remember a picture of Brian before he was 18 where he wasn't making a goofy face.

Cute little boy! I still think Jake looks the most like his Dad.

Baby Brian with his mom, can you believe those legs!!!?

FORTY Years ago today...

Forty years ago today, the love of my life was born!!! Just wanted to celebrate Brian and what a fabulous person he is. Anyone who really knows Brian can't help but love him. He is warm, friendly, outgoing, LOUD (in a great way), quick to laugh and to make others laugh, gives the greatest hugs, intelligent, great conversationalist, and so easy to love. Brian has made so many lives better for the last 40 years and I only hope that will continue for at least 40 more! He is a wonderful dad, a super great husband, and I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that he is a great son and brother! :) Happy Birthday, Bri! I love you more than ever!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kash is officially 3!!!

We actually celebrated Kash's birthday last Sunday when Brian was home. But yesterday was his real day--I think we have him completely confused! But I am positive he is the cutest little 3-year-old boy I have seen since Ben was 3! He is such a quirky and opinionated little thing--I just adore him. He is all about "Bob the Builder", trucks, tools, cars, dry cold cereal, his dad, his bike, and his little blue bear. He hates bugs and screams when he sees them--I find this very funny--especially since Sally & I are fascinated by bugs and all things creepy and crawly. Kash loves to sing and dance and makes the greatest faces while performing. I have a friend who told me that when kids are this age they really are so cute you could just eat them and then they become teenagers and you wish you had. I laughed hard. I am just glad I am still in the little people stage--what great little people I have running the house! I will admit there are days when I just want to run away for a week or so, but most of the time I feel so grateful for these 4 kids--they are wonderful!

Sally's new bike

Sally got her bike last night. We actually went out for chinese food for Kash's birthday (his request), but we were at WalMart afterwards. Sally was so excited this morning to go outside and try out her new wheels. She did pretty good--I think she is glad now that there are training wheels on it--she protested those for a little while. We were outside for over an hour just letting her ride up and down our sidewalk. We really have the best little street for bike riding! We had to adjust the helmet a few times, but I think everything is finally in working order!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jake's Play

Jake's class did a 3 act play today called "Being Ben". They have been learning about important people in American history and in conjunction with that, they put on this play about Benjamin Franklin. They all did a great job. Jake was James Franklin, John Hancock, & one of the narrators.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Jake's haircut

For those of you who know Jake, he has had his hair pretty long for the last 2 years. I have liked his hair long, but have been telling him lately it was time for a change. I just didn't want him to be so attached to his hair that he couldn't get rid of it. I was getting a bit worried because he just would not part with the locks. But last week he decided to do a faux hawk and get rid of the long look. Ben told him not to because that was the only reason girls thought he was cute. I told Ben that people liked Jake because he was Jake, not because of his hairstyle. Anyway, we got it cut on Friday. I think he is enjoying all the attention he is getting by the change!