Friday, February 22, 2008


So Brian and I are in Amarillo right now. We spent the day yesterday looking at houses with a realtor. I think we are experiencing some shock because the housing is so much more expensive than Cuba. We had prepared ourselves some, but not enough. We will look around a bit more today, and then head back to Dallas tonight. This whole experience is a bit surreal. To have Brian working in CA, but knowing that we will be here in Amarillo at some point--doesn't seem real at all! I am trying to get used to all the cowboy hats, buckles, and "ya'lls", but it will take some time. And talk about FLAT!!!! Our realtor wanted to show us a cul-de-sac that she thought was great because there was a wooded area right by it. I thought, "great--some trees finally!" We got there and needless to say I was disappointed. I have grown to love the east so much! All the trees and seasons--it is going to be very hard to leave--I really love Cuba. It is very ugly here right now in Amarillo. The realtor said it is very pretty in the spring and we have heard the weather here is very nice--so I am trying to stay positive. Either way, it has been nice to have Brian to myself for a few days. We actually went to a movie last night--something we haven't done by ourselves in a very long time. The kids are having the greatest time with Jen & Kathi--I know there will be some tears when it all comes to an end next week. Sally & Emma are the best of friends and having a great time and Jake & Ben love spending time with Coley--it has been so great having them there!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Our littlest helper

Kash loves to help! He always wants to help me carry in groceries and he especially loves any outside jobs. We had quite an ice storm this past weekend and Brian wanted to get the sidewalks cleaned off before he left yesterday. Kash geared up and was so excited to go out and help. Most of the time he ends up adding to the job because he likes to get the softer snow from the park strip and lots of it ends up back on the sidewalk. But how cute is he?! This morning he started pinching my stomach. I said, "Ouch! What are you doing?" His response, "I want to get that baby out!" I am so glad to have him home with me! Not only does he help me with laundry (he pushes the button on the dryer), but he is entertaining as well!