Monday, August 25, 2008

Long week

School started today. I have never been so glad. I know that sounds horrible, but I am thrilled! I love my kids and I have always loved summertime; not having a schedule so much, the weather, finding water to play in, seeing some new places, all the adventure. But as far as this summer goes, I think we all had so much of the above that a routine is a very welcome change. Like I have said before, I am sure my kids will look back on this summer as one of their favorites, and I loved spending so much time with our families, but I am just very ready to get back to a schedule. My house needs a schedule too. I have yet to put away my clothes and the ones I did get out of the boxes to hang up were still maternity clothes and those need to be put away forever! Any takers? :)

So this past week Brian left on Monday and didn't come home until Saturday afternoon. I got a few boxes put away, but we had meet the teacher night and school supplies to acquire. Back to the never needing maternity clothes--we can't afford to buy school supplies for any more children--holy Toledo! I was a bit shocked by the lists we were given, not only by the amount of things needed but the specificity of what to buy. Without coming right out and saying "we only like Crayola at our schools", that is what the lists said. And because we were buying supplies less than a week before school started, we had to go to 5 stores to buy all the required items. So if you can imagine me with my kids and how happy they were about that much shopping, all the stares we received because, yes in fact, they are all mine, and yes, my hands are full, and yes, they keep me very busy...thanks for all the comments...and the occasional thought...2 of them are for sale...just kidding. They all did fairly well considering all we were trying to do. Then on Thursday afternoon Sally wasn't feeling well. By Friday Sally & Jake were both feeling awful so we quickly found a pediatrician and they were diagnosed with strep throat. So they were both pretty miserable until last night. Neither wanted to miss the first day of school, so we were so happy that they were both feeling better and able to go today. Brian is still here, but at the new plant interviewing a couple of people for positions there. I thought this week would be my last week as a single mom, but they have asked Brian to continue commuting for a few more weeks until the plant here is a bit more prepared for him. There were a few tears shed over that bit of news, but I think I am okay again--I only have 2 kids at home for 7 hours every day--I can make it! As we were trying to find the doctor's office, we found the library. Kash and I were very excited to find out there is story hour every Wednesday morning, so I think we will find ourselves there this week. I need a good book. I shouldn't even say that when there are still piles of boxes everywhere, but I said it anyway. Like I said, it has been a long week. I have told Brian before that if I believed in reincarnation, I know I would be a mother bear in my next life. I love berries and honey, I like to believe I protect my children well, I am always up for a good back scratch and my favorite--hibernation. And did you know that bears have their babies while they are hibernating? So they come out of the cave looking great and feeling great every spring. Right now I am feeling ready to hibernate. I am exhausted in every way. But I am not a bear, so I will go back to my boxes and my 1/2 put together cave and at least have the built in excuse for napping because I needed to lay down with Kash. I feel I need an excuse to nap because I feel guilty about all the things I could be getting done if I were awake. Brian thinks this is insanity, he is the power napping king, "Just give me 12 minutes, Jen!" I am more of the "give me 3 hours" kind of person. One of my favorites, on a cold day curling up in a blanket with a good book and knowing I can go to sleep whenever I want and sleep as long as I like. I don't know the last time I did that, but it is nice to think about. I do love the moment I am in, I love where my kids are and I am grateful for all I have. But I still think we all need an afternoon like that occasionally. It is not that afternoon and the laundry and boxes are screaming at me, so is Kash. So I am off.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let's get started!

We got to Amarillo today. It looks better than it did in February, still not as pretty as NY. I do like the house, Brian did a great job. Now it will just be the chore of finding a spot for everything. Pluses would be CLOSESTS, lots of them, a garage, attic storage, and a brand new kitchen. I will have to post a picture of the mural on one of the walls that Brian forgot to mention. It isn't horrible--nothing I would do--it can wait until we get a bit settled. The kids start school a week from Monday. We need to get them all registered in the next few days. Lots to do!

It was hard to leave yesterday, I knew it would be. But once we picked Brian up at the airport, I just got excited. I couldn't wait to get here. Now we are here and I know tomorrow will be a bit overwhelming, but it will be great to get all our things with us again.

After spending the summer with our families, I am reminded how little "things" really matter. I have things that I really enjoy, but they are all replacable and I could live without every single one of them. But those we love are priceless.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I love summer. This one has been crazy. But I love that my kids have spent some quality time with their cousins and I have spent some quality time with my sisters. I hate that my brother has to have a job, I haven't been able to spend as much time with him as I would like, but I am so glad that his wife is willing to tolerate us--we love her! I am simply convinced that John is the greatest brother ever and I feel the same about my sisters. My kids have finally had a chance to really get to know my mom and dad--I am thrilled about this. We spent a few days in ID with Kathi and I appreciate that my kids got Nana all to themselves. I don't think my kids realize what super grandparents they have--hopefully someday! As crazy as this summer has been, I really do believe my kids will look back on it as one of their favorites. I really don't know where July went and I really can't believe we will be leaving for TX in just one short week. Jake is very aware of our limited time left and he is trying to sqeeze as many parties as possible into those 7 days. As much as I like to think I am a simple girl with simple needs, I have concluded that Brian and I don't know how to do things simply. I ask myself if we could have made this whole move/job change any more crazy and I can think of a few things but not much. Through it all though, I find that the thing I feel most is gratitude. Gratitude for a whole lot of things. I am looking forward to having a house of my own again and living with my husband again, but I know when next Wednesday comes I am going to be sad too. I wish I could post a bunch of pictures from this summer, but I love this one. Just a great summer shot--kids belong in trees during the summer--don't you think?