Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Princess Sally "Way" Snaggletooth

My Sally is growing up. All this is evident by the number of teeth she has lost in the past month or so and the fact that she is finally starting to say Sally Ray instead of Sally Way when she says her name. I have been worried about Sally learning to say her r's, it has started to affect her reading and writing especially. I am so proud of her for working so hard to say things the right way, but there is something so endearing about those "weally" cute r's. Since she was 2 and really started to talk, her r's have been w's. I know it is time for her to grow out of it--actually way past time--but it just means one more little marker on her way to growing up. My kids are getting big. I get a little sad, but excited about the future as well.

Brian has such an imagination. He is a product of Dr. Suess. He can make up nonsense words that make sense, he sings songs and tells stories to the kids that he makes up as he goes along and I have no idea where he gets such fun and clever stuff. The other night, I wanted to take a picture of Sally's toothless grin, but she was worried she would look funny. So she wouldn't smile for me. So Brian told her (and all the other kids plus George who enjoyed it as much as any of them) a story about Princess Snaggletooth. We were all laughing so much, Sally couldn't help but smile. Brian really should write children's books--he has missed his calling in life. Anyway, the following pictures are from that night. I love these people. I feel tremendously blessed.

Isn't that grin priceless?!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A few random things and just info in general

I haven't done just a general update in a while and Kash has said a few very funny things lately that I really don't want to forget to share, so here we go.

Just a general update on the business front. In one word, S L O W!!!! But other than that, good. Brian and Rick have been chasing down information, filling out forms, creating reports and spreadsheets, and talking to all kinds of helpful people in an effort to FINALLY get the paperwork turned into the bank so they can start processing (and hopefully approving) the business loan. I have truly enjoyed having Brian around more, but I know he is going a little nuts. It is so nice to leave during the day and not have to always take the kids and just having Brian with us more. I know he has decided that working from home cannot work on a long term basis unless there is a designated office from where to work, and I know he feels a little insane not having a "job" to go to in the morning, but I also know he is excited about the business and can't wait to get things started. Things really are going well, I just think Brian thought it would all move a little quicker than it has. Partially, the slowness is due to all the new paperwork and information banks require for a loan, so different than a year ago. Our timing is always a bit off, but things seem to work out still in the long run.

Our house in Amarillo still has not sold. This is probably the biggest frustration and worry for us right now. But it just has to work out somehow--I am still holding on to that.

The kids love having their cousins around and seem to be adjusting well. Once again, Jake's teacher wants us to look into the honor program for next year, and Jake once again is telling us he doesn't want to because that would require some effort on his part. Ben and Sally both seem to be doing great too, but honestly, I am hoping to get all the kids into a charter school next year because of the schedule. Next year, Jake would be on traditional schedule, but the other kids would be on the year round schedule. There is a new charter school close by that is K-9, so I could have all 4 of my kids at the same school and on traditional schedule--I am REALLY hoping that works out. My kids aren't thrilled about changing schools again, but I am not thrilled with a lot of things, not just the schedule, so I am willing to try something different for many reasons. I MISS TX and NY when it comes to school! I am trying to adjust, just like my kids, but it has been hard. The kids go off track for the first time next Friday, they are all pretty thrilled about that. I hope I can keep them "entertained" for 3 weeks!

Kash continues to keep me completely entertained here at home. The other day, he told Rick that his new sneakers had a "lift" in the back. I loved that, everything in Kash's world has some reference to trucks or tractors. John (Brian's brother) killed an elk and it was hanging in the garage here. Kash was fascinated with the whole thing and really like being out in the garage with all the guys while they were cutting it up. (Sorry, that really is all sort of disgusting.) Anyway, he had a soda he was just finishing. As he drank the last little bit, he held up the bottle in one hand and the cap in the other and declared, "I just drank the hell out this!" What?!!! Where did he get that?! Seriously, Brian and I do not say stuff like that, but he certainly knew how to use the word correctly and unfortunately, Brian and I can only laugh.

Ruby is BUSY!!! I think I missed the update that the new 2 is really 18 months. She has colored all over the walls twice (thank goodness for Magic Erasers), dumped tampons all over the floor twice (I finally got smart and put those in a high place), she found hot cocoa and dumped it all over the floor, and a few more things have been dumped. She eats out of the garbage and scowls at us when we are not doing our best to make her happy. And yet, she is the cutest little girl ever! She says "tank oo" and "peas", and give the sweetest hugs and kisses. I don't know if my kids have gotten progressively busier or I have just become so tired that it only appears that way. Either way, I love them all more than chocolate and that is saying a lot!

This past week we celebrated birthdays just about every day. My birthday was Monday, Jake was Tuesday, Sally was Wednesday and Kathi was Thursday. We had a week of parties combines with cutting up an elk, Young Women activities, scouts and lots more. Then Sunday, Jake was ordained a deacon, so we had a big dinner with lots of family here after church. It was so nice to celebrate with lots of family around. It was a busy week, but all good. I can't believe my kids are growing up--I still wish I had a pause button--that would stop all my grey hair and keep my kids just where they are. But I know that isn't going to happen--especially the hair thing--so we just keep moving forward and try to enjoy all where we are and all that life brings. So far, so good...