Monday, July 28, 2008

Just for fun

My friend Christine teased me about the size of my mug. I always told her it just had water inside, but she was never convinced thinking there must be something more potent in it to deal with ALL my kids and a husband who wasn't around much the past few months. Anyway, I have upgraded my mug--I never have seen anything so big! I promise, it still just has water, although I am sure Christine still has her doubts! Just because she isn't quite as amazing as me and can't handle as much as me with just water. :)

What's been happening

The past week has gone so quickly. My sister and her family were here from FL and we had a week full of cousins and fun. My parents have 6 grown children all with spouses and 22 grandchildren, all were at their house several days during the week. It was crazy but fun.

Ben was baptized the beginning of July and the same day we blessed Ruby. It was a very nice day. Ben asked my dad to confirm him, he is a big grandpa fan. I thought that was nice and it really was just a great day. I promise to elaborate more when I have some time.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lots of news

First of all, it is our anniversary today. 12 years ago today I married Brian. I love him more than ever and more than I thought was possible.

We closed on our house in Cuba Friday and that night made an offer on a house in Amarillo. The offer was accepted and we are in the process of becoming homeowners once again. I am thrilled to know I have an address again and can't wait to see the house in person. Brian did all the work on this one and from the pictures I have seen, it looks great. For any of you with an RV, our new place happens to have an RV pad with hook-ups, so we are ready for you to visit!

We have been visiting with Brian's family the last few days and having a great time. The kids have loved being with their cousins. I will be glad to be in home I can call my own again, but for now I enjoy seeing my kids have such a great time. We are headed to Idaho this week for a few days so the kids can see Nana's new digs--should be fun.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Finally posting some pictures

I am using my sisters internet and could finally post some pictures from our trip. They are in the slideshow to the side. It really was a great trip. I don't want to do it again next week, but we really saw and enjoyed so much.