Saturday, February 27, 2010

No news is good news?

I guess I figure that no one really checks here much anymore, but if there are some of you out there, I need to do better.

Nothing much has changed here. This whole "starting a business" things has been a roller coaster ride. Brian and Rick have everything in place to start the business, three banks were willing to loan them money, all said it was one of the best business plans they had ever seen--kuddos to the boys. Anyway, all they are lacking is a location. Twice we have had leases fall through. Brian had pretty much given up and had started looking for another job, but Rick went up to Heber one more time to see if there was anything they had overlooked. He found a property and then took Brian & John up to look. Brian was actually really excited again. Like I said, a roller coaster. So we are in the prelimiary stages of discussion with realtors and property owners once again. We are just praying this one works out. Any extra prayers would be so much appreciated. I would really love to see this work out for these Owens boys--I just love them all so much--being especially fond of the oldest one! :)

The kids are all doing really well. I still don't like year round school or the prospects of school in Jordan School district. They are talking about 10,000 more students next year with no increase in budget. The kids will be in classes with up to 40 kids. SOOO dysfunctional!! So if we have to stay here another year I am desperately hoping the charter school works out. But I really hope we move. I have never felt so disconnected from a school, the communication between teachers and parents is almost zilch and we have been told our kids are in one of the best schools in the district. It has been crazy. I can't help but think the teachers are overwhelmed and burned out with the number of students they are trying to teach--like I said--I hope we don't have to deal with it next school year. Hard for me to even believe Kash will be in kindergarten next year--Ruby and I will miss him terribly! But enough ranting, we have wonderful neighbors and the kids have all made some very nice friends. Jake continues to play guitar and dream of cars he and his dad can fix together. Ben continues to grow faster than I can keep up with. He LOVES Harry Potter and is just about done with#7. Sally is looking grown up with more permanent teeth now and loves her iPod, Taylor Swift, and having a room to share with Ruby. Kash loves Iron Man, John Deere Tractors and his bike. He is in constant motion and is usually singing or driving a car on the kitchen counter. I am totally smitten by him, he tells me I am beautiful when I get off the treadmill, how could I not be? Ruby is our resident dictator and true to that role, throws a horrible fit when anyone has the nerve to tell her no. She is super sweet the rest of the time and is talking more and more every day. I knew when we had Ruby she would be our last, so I didn't want her to grow up too quickly. But I have no control over that as much as I wish I did. So getting my head around the fact that May 2 she will be 2 is hard! I am grateful for the sleep I get these days, but fight the hard truth that I don't have babies anymore.

I am doing well. Just plugging away at the same old stuff. In spite of all the changes and craziness in our lives lately, the laundry still has to be done and dinner still has to be made. So we just keep moving on and hope we are going forward.