Monday, January 11, 2010

Books and just stuff in general

I guess I will start with the general stuff. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. We spent Christmas here doing all our traditional stuff and and the kids were thrilled with Santa (he gets way too much credit!) as well as the few other things they found under the tree. We spent New Years in Logan at my sister, Katie's, house. She has lots of room, which is required when my family gets together. We were entertained by all the kids performing for us, lots of good food and just getting to spend time together. What a treat for me and Brian and the kids to get to do this again! On New Years Day, we went tubing on the hill behind my parents house--so much fun! I do love the seasons--snow this time of year just seems right. Jake and Ben got to spend a few days at their cousins--they stayed up half the night every night playing XBOX--so of course that was a highlight for them when discussing their Christmas break. It really was a fabulous holiday season.

As far as other news, we FINALLY sold our house. We closed on Dec. 30 and couldn't be more thrilled to be done with home ownership in state where we don't actually live. That was gift right there for Brian and myself.

On the business front, I will say it again, things are moving slowly. But they are moving and in a very positive direction. Things are falling into place and we should know by the end of this week if we have a place to lease and can get up to Heber and get going. It has all been such an adventure. Some days we feel so excited and other days are discouraging and we wonder again what in the world we have done. But really, overall it has been a great experience and I continue to feel like we are where we need to be and things will work out.

I have been reading the "Fablehaven" series the past few weeks. They are fun books although I would like to kill Seth at times (for those of you who have read them). Anyway, I really do love to read, I always have a book and when I don't, I get fidgety until I can get to the library. Well, I think Fablehaven is getting to me, I have started dreaming of large amphibians that bite and multiply quickly, all very strange. I need to hurry and finish #4 so I can move on to something a little less fantastic (not fantasy). Ruby also loves books. She has taken a fancy to Sandra Boyton--I might have something to do with that. Anyway, one of here favorites is "Moo, Baa, La, La, La". In the book it says, "Cows say moo, sheep say baa. And three singing pigs say la la la. No, no you say that isn't right, pigs say oink all day and night." I did that from memory, are any of you impressed? I should think not since I have been reading that book to my kids for 12 years now. Anyway, I just had to explain so when you watch this little video of Ruby you will understand why she thinks pigs say no no no. I do love books though, even if they do affect us in wacky ways.


meegz said...

Glad you sold your house, glad you're moving forward in the business dept. and glad you got to move closer to family!:) Happy times!

davenportreport said...

Rhinoceroses snort and snuff
And little dogs go ruff ruff ruff
Some other dogs go bow wow wow
And cats and kittens say meow

I did THAT from memory - we're now on 9 years of reading that one! Have you read 15 Animals by her? It's a more recent one and it is really funny.

On a more serious note, I'm SOOOOO glad you sold your house! We'll cross our fingers on the business stuff.

Let's get together soon.


Brad Jones said...

Congrats on the home and business front. Wish I would have known you were at Katie's house on New Years. We were at my parent's house just down the street.

Jen Owens said...

Brad, I wish you would have known too! It would have been great to see you and meet your cute family!

Emily said...

So glad your house finally sold. Someone noticed the sign was gone, I was hoping you were coming back! We are putting our house up for sale this week or next. We've finally decided to move to Tulia. We got a great deal on a house that had gone into foreclosure. Now we just need to get our sold!
Can't get over how much hair Ruby seems to have all the sudden. She is a doll! I also love that book... Moo Baa La La La...
Talk to you later.

Ashley said...

That's too cute! Your video makes me excited for my kids to start talking. I'm very happy you sold your house too! Although, I'm sorry for the poor sap that has to live in Texas now! jk. It's not my favorite place. Thanks for your help with the beans. Being the domestic goddess that I wish to be, I take your advice above all others! You live and learn, right? I just hope my colon will forgive me. I do have your chili recipe and I will try it next time for sure! I didn't use a recipe for this batch and it's pretty obvious! Next time... I'll let you know how it goes.

Judy Lamont Stock said...

Loved that cute video of Ruby. She is so adorable. CC just says CHEEEEEZE when I try and put her on video. That is also one of my favorite authors. The kids love those books.